Newport New York Recycling Service

We provide garbage and recycling pickup services in Newport, Herkimer County, and surrounding areas. Call 315-845-8899!

Acceptable Material

Recycling ServiceLeft Over Express, Inc. customers - Place recyclables in Left Over Express Plastic Bags, unless you have an account that is billed each month– then you may use any clear bag.



Newspapers & Inserts, Magazines & Catalogs, Phone Books, Kraft Paper (Brown Paper Bags) and Paper Egg Cartons

Junk Mail Such As:
Cards, Envelopes, Letters, and Enclosures

School & Office Paper Such As:
Tablet Paper, White Paper (Lined & Unlined), Green Bar Computer Paper, Computer Paper, Colored Paper, Copy Paper, Scratch Pad Paper, All NCR Paper, Envelopes (With Or Without Windows), Blueprint Paper, Post-It Notes, Fax Paper, Thermo Paper, Adding Machine Paper, Index Cards, Manila File Folders and Glossy Paper

Shredded Paper- Place in a clear plastic bag by itself for collection.

Lightweight Cardboard Such As:
Dry Food Boxes (i.e. Cereal, Cookies, Snacks), Non-Food Boxes (i.e. Medicine, Tissue, Toy And Gift Boxes), Toilet & Paper Towel Tubes and Pizza Boxes (With All Food/Debris Removed)

Corrugated Cardboard


Hard Cover Books (must be delivered to Utica Convenience Station for recycling), Napkins, Tissues, Wax Paper, Paper Towels, Paper Plates/Cups, Tissue Paper,  Carbon Paper, Construction Paper, Binders, Copy Paper Wrapping, Metal Hanging File Folders, Tyvek Shipping Envelopes, Frozen Food & Microwave Cartons, Wax-Coated Corrugated


Please Do Not Bundle Or Tie With String Or Twine. Remove Paper And Plastic Liners. Flatten Cardboard and put in bag.



Food & Beverage Containers Such As:
Liquor & Wine Bottles, Deposit Bottles, Canning Jars


Broken Glass, Drinking Glasses, Ovenware & Ceramics, Window Panes, Mirrors, Dishes, Cups, Plates, Windshields Or Light Bulbs


Do Not Break Glass! Labels Do Not Need To Be Removed. Rinse Thoroughly. Aerosol Cans Must Be Empty. Leave Stems & Valves.



Plastic Bottles & Containers (With and without recycling number code) Such As:
Soda Bottles, Milk & Water Jugs, Mustard & Ketchup Bottles, Baked Goods Containers, Disposable Drink Cups, Soap & Detergent Bottles, Mouthwash Bottles, Salad Dressing Bottles, Peanut Butter Jars

Beverage Cartons Such As: 
Milk Cartons, Juice Cartons, Juice Boxes


Styrofoam, Empty Plastic Bags, Plastic Wrappers & Packaging, Plates & Tableware, Prescription Medicine Bottles, Motor Oil Bottles, Clothes Hangers, Furniture, Needles & Syringes, Six-Pack Holders, Snack Bags, Toys, Straws, Plastic Wrappers/Wrapping, Plexiglass, or Pesticides


Lids Should Be Left On Containers. Containers Should Be Empty And Rinsed Before Recycling. Squeeze Juice Boxes Until Empty (Reuse Or Throw Away Straws)



Such As:
Soup Cans, Soda Cans, Deposit Cans, Aluminum Foil Wrap, Foil Plates & Trays, Metal Lids, Aerosol Cans (Empty)


Metal/Cardboard Containers (i.e. Cocoa & Motor Oil), Silverware, Small Appliances, Pots & Pans, Pesticides, Chemicals, Gasoline or Paint


Left Over Express, Inc. customers - Place Recyclables In Left Over Express Plastic Bags, unless you have an account that is billed each month– then you may use any clear bag. Please Do Not Bundle Or Tie With String Or Twine. Lids Must Be Removed From Containers Before Recycling, But Include Metal Lids In Recycling Container. Before Recycling, But Include Metal Lids In Recycling Container. Aerosol Cans Must Be Empty. Leave Stems & Valves.

Left Over Express, Inc. customers:

Collecting TrashAll recyclable items – paper, plastic, metal, and glass – need to be mixed together loosely in a clear bag weighing nor more than 40 pounds, use more than one if needed; our clear bags if you are using our red bags, any clear bag if you have a billing account with us.

Recyclables must be placed in your durable recycling bag and weigh not more than 40 pounds.

Do not place recyclables in plastic bags inside the recycling bag (no double bagging) for collection. No string, trash or green waste allowed.

You can recycle the following items:Recycling Truck

  • PAPER – Flattened cardboard, paper, newspaper, paperboard, magazines (Do not bundle or tie.)
  • PLASTIC – Bottles, cups, and containers
  • METAL - Food & beverage cans (tin, aluminum, food and beverage cans)
  • GLASS – Food & beverage bottles and jars

DO NOT include these items in your recycling bag:

  • NO Plastic Bags or Wrap (grocery store bags, animal feed or pellet bags, plastic wrap)
  • NO Styrofoam (foam cups, packaging foam)
  • NO Needles (needles, syringes, and lancets should be placed in a puncture-proof container with a lid, labeled as “sharps” and placed in the garbage. Find sharp disposal programs by visiting
  • No drinking glasses, canning jars, or dishes

Service Areas Include: Remsen NY, Salisbury NY, Fairfield NY, Newport NY, Cold Brook NY, Poland NY